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Better, faster, stronger: Scaling technical services to vendors

The world has changed. In 2022, you can change, too. Scale faster, scale wider with a white label delivery partner (a partner).

Why work with a global technology services partner?

When a construction firm takes on a contract to build a house, it takes a lot of different types of skills to see the project to completion. No one expects the roofers to also put in the electrics or for the plumber to do the brickwork.

But it’s somehow become commonplace to expect this type of approach from software vendors. Not only must the company develop the product, but they must integrate it with end customer systems, provide customized training, and send subject matter experts to consult with whatever industry is making use of the software at the moment.

There’s a better approach—one that keeps developers developing and that, like a general contractor with a bunch of homes planned, works in partnership with experts to get more jobs done more quickly. You can scale your software business faster, and scale it wider by working with a global technology services partner. You can scale with Pegasus.

What do we offer as a service provider?

So what exactly is Pegasus’ offering? We deliver your digital solutions to your customers on your behalf under your branding or ours. We work all over the world, speak the local language of the customers, and are engineers at heart who work with technologies very similar to yours.

We specialize in full stack engineering, with the aim to be able to provide all of these services as a single delivery partner:

● Residency services
● Technical training
● Software development
● Field engineering

With global travel restrictions constantly changing, being able to send a team to a distant client office for in-person training or resident expertise isn’t the given it once was. Vendors have been doing a lot to respond to the changes, offering remote alternatives to just about everything. But the fact is, end customers have high demands, and as software becomes ever more integral to business success, the demand list grows. Everything has to be done bespoke in the customer’s way.

No matter how complex the project, or even how unpredictable the project path is, Pegasus is prepared to respond. We’re already stationed all over the world, which makes attending client sites much more realistic, even in uncertain times. From our side, it’s tactical, so that you can focus on the overarching strategy of both the project and your business.

There are cost benefits as well as sales and delivery benefits. Overhead increases in recruiting your own staff to cover short-term requirements quickly become costly, for one thing. Probably the most point to partnership, however, is customer satisfaction. Customers who feel well looked after, who think they’re your top priority, and who are catered to on a personal level are repeated customers. And they recommend products and services to other users.

The technologies we work with

Within our four specialisms, we have multiple technologies that we consider our areas of expertise. As a company, we have been delivering these for nearly 20 years, but collectively our leadership has been in the game for decades, with a full facility to deliver in many different technologies.

● Automation, monitoring, APM
● Containers Orchestration & Microservices
● Data management & storage, backup software, SDStorage, storage
● Network monitoring, SD-WAN, SDN, network automation, networking
● Data center networking, server monitoring, network visibility & traffic control, network orchestration
● Security orchestrators, infrastructure security, endpoint security
● UC & Collaboration)
● Databases

What’s new in 2022?

So needless to say, the pandemic has undone business as usual in the software vendor industry. So, this year, we aren’t just partnering in service delivery, as usual. We’re adding value the best way we know how—by sharing intelligence and expertise with the vendor community.

We have an entire year’s program of knowledge-sharing activities planned, from informational emails to fresh blog posts and even interactive webinars. Everything we’re doing is geared towards bringing the sector back together after two long years of people drifting apart. Pegasus is here for you and for your customers.

So keep a lookout for details about our next event, a webinar for HR leaders to support successful recruiting processes. Getting team dynamics right starts from the moment you start thinking about advertising a job.

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