Our commitment to best practice, professional behavior, and ethical conduct is captured in our 10 Golden Rules to Good Conduct.

1. We will always act in a manner that shows respect for people and organizations, and enhances the reputation of the training profession. 
2. We will always be sensitive to issues of culture, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, race, and all other aspects of diversity. 
3. We will always monitor the quality of our work through feedback from clients, delegates, and peers alike. 
4. We will regularly attend train-the-trainer sessions and develop knowledge sharing skills and subject matter expertise in the fields we train and consult. 
5. At no point will a trainer behave inappropriately.
6. All trainers will adhere to the core principles of consistency, cooperation, respect, honesty, and integrity. 
7. We will value each course delegate as an individual and are committed to enhancing their specific learning experience. 
8. Remain committed to showing, in the best possible light, the values and capabilities of the commissioning company.
9. Adhere to any and all best practice, compliance, and process as stipulated by partners and clients alike. 
10. In all areas of our profession we will strive to have maximum impact and efficiency through hard work, sensitivity to context, and a belief in the abilities of our delegates.