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In today’s world, local engineering capabilities can improve a customer’s experience of complex projects. On-demand engineers in any location and language allows you to be where your customers are without adding headcount.

Field Engineering Workflow

The Benefits of On-demand Field Engineering

Cost Savings

Flex up and down the size of your team without adding headcount or compromising on quality. Save up to 60% compared to full time hires.

Global Centres of Excellence

A single partner covering all major geographies ready to build a centre of excellence around your solution and core services. Consider us an extension of your team.

Save Time

Rapidly deploy additional field engineers as needed and without lengthy onboarding processes. We work with you to accelerate time-to-field without compromising on quality.

Pegasus Field Engineering Team

Global Deployments

Colleagues based in all major geographies globally


All major business languages spoken

Technical Excellence

Subject matter experts in your solution ecosystem

Passionate and Excited

Always hungry and looking to learn more

Engineers at Heart

Problem solvers with a can-do attitude

Customer Centric

Committed to understanding client problems and solving them

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