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Technology ROI starts with training. Training your partners and end-users globally has its challenges but drives increased partner readiness and improved levels of end-user adoption

Training Workflow

The Benefits of Training

Improved Adoption

End users become acquainted with a new solution and become long-term users of it

Global Standards

Level set all partners and end-users with consistent and standardized training globally

Accelerated ROI

Fully training end users are 56% more likely to renew their licenses and agreements

Pegasus Full Training Solutions

Program Delivery

Blended learning intervention that provides all delegates with consistent training and the ability to specialise


Pegasus has extensive coverage of EMEAR and LATAM and all of the business languages spoken therein

Curriculum Development

Develop a curriculum that equips delegates to become effective and fast

Digital Platforms

Full end-to-end digital booking, scheduling, delivery, and evaluation processes.


All training materials are translated and delivered in the local language. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and more

Training Engineers

All of our team are engineers first. They instinctively understand the delegates' challenges and deliver courses based on rapport and insight

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