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March 2022

Software developers


According to statista, by 2024 the there will be around 28.7 mi software developers worldwide. So, how to stand out from the crowd?

To answer that question, Christopher Caruk and Maria Forte will join us to share ‘5 Insights Ambitious Software Developers Should Know”. The webinar will provide guidance on:

  • What tech stacks and languages to focus on
  • What hiring managers look for
  • What kind of projects to look for
  • And much more….
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December 2021

Scalling post-sales services


No matter how niche a software product, every customer application and need is unique. Consequently, their service needs will be, too. They may require:

● Specialist development and integrations

● Training and subject matter experts

● Local language support, etc. In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

➔ How software vendors—even tiny startups—can ensure every customer gets the service they need.

➔ How to scale up a services offer in the immediate post-sales environment, and scale it down again when the product is bedded in.

➔ How partnership services can benefit your bottom line Ask your questions via Pegasus social media in the days leading up to the webinar, and we’ll be sure to cover the community’s most pressing concerns. We’ll also go over the FAQs we hear most often from prospective clients.

Guest speaker: Claudia Lima – CEO at Pegasus

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