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The race to adopt new business models is on. Many IT organizations are turning to resident engineers for help with their IT transformation journey. Resident engineers can provide many benefits for organizations as they transform.

Residency Workflow


The Benefits of Residency Programs

Faster technology adoption

Accelerating technology adoption and utilization, leading to better business results

Improved performance

Optimizing existing technology, leading to better performance and fewer problem

Cost reduction

Improving IT service delivery, leading to reduced service delivery cost

Pegasus' Residency Programs

Candidate Identification & Selection

Extensive database and team of engineers for hard to fill roles and technologies

Quick Deployment

Speedily deploy an engineer on-site with Pegasus faster than through agencies or direct

Fully Certified

All engineers are fully certified in the technologies they work in and continually train to stay updated


Pegasus has extensive coverage of EMEAR and LATAM and all of the business languages spoken therein

Digital First

Automate as much of the process as possible to streamline operations, payments, management and etc.

Quality Control

Established and validated quality-enhancing and risk mitigation processes in place to ensure excellence

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