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How partnering can enrich your end service results

Partnering certain skills through strategic partnership can prevent diversion of resources—time, money and people—toward building a skillset that has a limited return, especially in software development.

Knowledge sharing within a company is a communication and training matter. Not all knowledge and skills are permanently required. Partnering with a company to deliver subject matter specialisms and technical skills means you can still give your clients a high level of expertise, and you can do so rapidly, even instantly.

Anteing Up

At Pegasus, we live by our company values. Our focus is and always has been on:

– Integrity
– Innovation
– People
– Dependability, and
– Partnership

That means that we strive to support our most important resource—our people—by creating an environment that is creative, open, collaborative, and trusting. And that includes how we work with our external partners and clients.

What’s at stake?

Although we directly consult on a wide range of tech solutions, Pegasus has a particular partnership specialism with software vendors to extend their delivery of client services. This is how it works. You have a crack team of developers, some fantastic applications, and customers who are interested or ready to implement them. Perhaps, however, you don’t have some or all of the following:

– A big enough team to deploy to many clients at once
– The ability to travel on-site to distant clients
– Client support in local customer languages
– Knowledge of regional business customs for global clients
– Training capabilities

We tap our teams to deliver these types of services—and many more—on your behalf, no matter where we’re needed. We have hubs around the world staffed by multi-lingual tech experts, highly-skilled developers, software trainers, and field engineers who know how things work in every area.

It’s even possible that your team requires a subject matter expert on-site to assist with a particular project. If your client is in a niche industry, then ensuring that your application is going to integrate with their systems and meet their needs will require someone on your side who gets it. Pegasus can provide that, too. We have first-hand experience in many high-growth industries, as well as several smaller ones. So by partnering these services with a company like Pegasus, you are gaining that experience onto your team for the duration of your project.

The house wins

But it’s not just about Pegasus. Partnering with a trusted partner, and trusted partner to take care of boots-on-the-ground services is proven to free up in-house resources. That means you can focus on strategic moves like product development, long-term business planning, market moves, and even capital investment.

When we say “resources”, we are talking about all resources. Your people will be free to focus on what they do best, whether that’s actual coding or marketing, or closing the deal. But it also means money. You won’t be sinking funds into overheads for staff you don’t need or skills that get used once or twice, never to be needed again. Instead that savings can be allocated towards training that matters to all of your clients—certifying your developers, for instance—or hiring staff with skills you do need—a specialist project manager, perhaps.

All in

Part of how the savings work is that partnering is scalable. Project A needs 10 people, but Project B needs 18 people. Project C, which overlaps B, is going to need 12. Next year, Project D only needs 3. If you were having to work with your own staff, this would be a nightmare. By the time you’d finished recruiting for A, B, and C, you’d have to start laying people off before D. Your HR department would have to be big, which would itself be an overhead drain. By partnering, you get as many people as you need on the job when you need them, where you need them.

A good partner will be an extension of your brand. Therefore they have to ensure that they have not only their own clear standards but will also uphold all your values. What the partnership brings to the table varies from one company to another. What Pegasus brings is:

– Range of industry experience
– Global connections and regional knowledge
– Technical expertise
– Scalability of services

Your ace in the hole

The services we provide on your behalf let you focus on software development and deployment for your clients. And it also allows you the chance to take strategic stock of your own company’s direction. Leave the practical to Pegasus

– Subject expert residencies
– Software development and integration
– Local language field engineering
– Team training

We’d love to talk with you more about how partnering up could work. Contact us for a chat.

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