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Pegasus at Cloud Expo Europe 2024 — Our 5 Key Takeaways

This past March, Pegasus had the privilege of participating in Cloud Expo Europe 2024, the continent’s largest and most comprehensive cloud event. As leaders in deploying containers, accelerating cloud projects, and re-architecting applications, the event was an exhilarating opportunity for our team to share insights, learn from peers, and realign our strategies with the latest in cloud innovation.

1. The Evolving Landscape of Cloud Integration

One of our main takeaways from the event is the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud integration. As a company deeply involved in integrating applications, especially legacy systems, we observed a significant shift towards more streamlined and efficient integration technologies. The discussions emphasized the importance of agile methodologies and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, underscoring the need for businesses to adapt swiftly to new technologies while ensuring system interoperability.

2. The Push Towards Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Throughout the expo, the buzz was all about hybrid cloud solutions. Many sessions highlighted the need for flexibility between on-premise and cloud environments, a domain where Pegasus excels. Our expertise in working with both on-premise vendors like Cisco and Dell and cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure positions us uniquely to help businesses navigate this complex landscape. The increasing demand for hybrid solutions resonates with our recent shift to focus more on the UK market, where businesses are keen on achieving the optimal balance between cloud agility and on-premise security.

3. Kubernetes and Containers: The Stars of the Show

Kubernetes and container technology were undoubtedly the stars of Cloud Expo Europe 2024. As we specialize in deploying containers and orchestrating them through Kubernetes, the event provided us with fresh perspectives on optimizing these technologies for performance and scalability. The sessions dedicated to Kubernetes and Rancher offered fascinating insights into best practices for container management, something our engineering team is eager to implement and refine in our projects.

4. Increased Emphasis on Cloud Security and Compliance

With the surge in cloud adoption comes a heightened focus on security and compliance. We attended several enlightening talks on the latest strategies to enhance cloud security postures and meet stringent compliance requirements. As a services-only organization, it’s imperative for us to stay ahead of these developments to provide our clients with the most secure and compliant solutions, particularly in regions as diverse as Europe and the Middle East.

5. The Importance of Open Source and Community Collaboration

At Pegasus, our development team’s foundation in open-source software was mirrored by the community spirit evident at the expo. The open-source sessions reminded us of the importance of community collaboration in driving innovation and solving complex cloud challenges. Our ongoing commitment to open-source projects and community participation continues to be a major part of our strategy for delivering cutting-edge solutions.


Cloud Expo Europe 2024 was not just a learning experience but a reaffirmation of our strategic directions and practices. As we focus more intently on the UK market in the upcoming fiscal year, the insights garnered from the expo will guide our efforts in helping organizations optimize their cloud and on-premise infrastructures. We’re excited to bring these innovations and strategies to our clients, helping them stay competitive in a cloud-centric world.

We thank all the attendees, organizers, and speakers for such an insightful event, and we look forward to next year’s edition with even more enthusiasm for the future of cloud technology.

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