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Distributed computing environments are nothing new. That doesn’t make them any less complicated. Quite the opposite. Building and maintaining a series of microservices based on containers is going to be challenging. Especially in the context of multi-cloud.

Pegasus works with and advises organizations looking to begin, accelerate or optimize their microservices and cloud journeys. With deep experience across all major public and private cloud providers and years of developing distributed enterprise applications, Pegasus is the enterprise and vendor partner of choice.

Our Cloud Advisory Services

Pegasus Cloud Advisory Services deliver consulting and guidance by experts to organizations seeking to leverage the cloud effectively. Pegasus services enable organizations and teams to make informed decisions about adopting, implementing, and optimizing cloud solutions to meet their specific needs and enable organizations to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, reduce risks, and ensure that their transition to the cloud aligns with their business objectives.

Assessment and Planning

Evaluate your organization's current IT infrastructure, applications, and business processes to determine the feasibility and benefits of migrating to the cloud. This includes understanding the technical, operational, and financial aspects of cloud adoption.

Cloud Strategy Development

Work with your organization to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy aligned with your business objectives. This involves identifying the right cloud models (public, private, hybrid), selecting appropriate cloud service providers, and defining migration plans.

Security and Compliance

Address your security concerns by receiving recommendations on how to implement robust security measures and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards in the cloud environment.

Cost Optimization

Advice on cost-effective cloud solutions, including resource allocation, utilization monitoring, and optimizing cloud expenditure. This enables your organization to maximize the value of your cloud investments.

Migration Planning and Execution

Develop a detailed migration plan, including selecting suitable migration methods, assessing dependencies, and executing the migration with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Training and Skill Development

Provide training programs to enable your organization's IT staff and end-users to acquire the necessary skills to manage and operate in the cloud environment effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Offer ongoing support and guidance to help your organization adapt to evolving cloud technologies, update strategies, and optimize your cloud infrastructure as needed.

Performance Optimization

Analyze and optimize the performance of your cloud resources, ensuring that applications and services run efficiently in the cloud environment.

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